Implementing a New Language Frontend#

  • Language frontends are located under TTS.tts.utils.text

  • Each special language has a separate folder.

  • Each folder contains all the utilities for processing the text input.

  • TTS.tts.utils.text.phonemizers contains the main phonemizer for a language. This is the class that uses the utilities from the previous step and used to convert the text to phonemes or graphemes for the model.

  • After you implement your phonemizer, you need to add it to the TTS/tts/utils/text/phonemizers/ to be able to map the language code in the model config - config.phoneme_language - to the phonemizer class and initiate the phonemizer automatically.

  • You should also add tests to tests/text_tests if you want to make a PR.

We suggest you to check the available implementations as reference. Good luck!