Source code for TTS.tts.configs.bark_config

import os
from dataclasses import dataclass, field
from typing import Dict

from TTS.tts.configs.shared_configs import BaseTTSConfig
from TTS.tts.layers.bark.model import GPTConfig
from TTS.tts.layers.bark.model_fine import FineGPTConfig
from TTS.tts.models.bark import BarkAudioConfig
from TTS.utils.generic_utils import get_user_data_dir

[docs] @dataclass class BarkConfig(BaseTTSConfig): """Bark TTS configuration Args: model (str): model name that registers the model. audio (BarkAudioConfig): audio configuration. Defaults to BarkAudioConfig(). num_chars (int): number of characters in the alphabet. Defaults to 0. semantic_config (GPTConfig): semantic configuration. Defaults to GPTConfig(). fine_config (FineGPTConfig): fine configuration. Defaults to FineGPTConfig(). coarse_config (GPTConfig): coarse configuration. Defaults to GPTConfig(). CONTEXT_WINDOW_SIZE (int): GPT context window size. Defaults to 1024. SEMANTIC_RATE_HZ (float): semantic tokens rate in Hz. Defaults to 49.9. SEMANTIC_VOCAB_SIZE (int): semantic vocabulary size. Defaults to 10_000. CODEBOOK_SIZE (int): encodec codebook size. Defaults to 1024. N_COARSE_CODEBOOKS (int): number of coarse codebooks. Defaults to 2. N_FINE_CODEBOOKS (int): number of fine codebooks. Defaults to 8. COARSE_RATE_HZ (int): coarse tokens rate in Hz. Defaults to 75. SAMPLE_RATE (int): sample rate. Defaults to 24_000. USE_SMALLER_MODELS (bool): use smaller models. Defaults to False. TEXT_ENCODING_OFFSET (int): text encoding offset. Defaults to 10_048. SEMANTIC_PAD_TOKEN (int): semantic pad token. Defaults to 10_000. TEXT_PAD_TOKEN ([type]): text pad token. Defaults to 10_048. TEXT_EOS_TOKEN ([type]): text end of sentence token. Defaults to 10_049. TEXT_SOS_TOKEN ([type]): text start of sentence token. Defaults to 10_050. SEMANTIC_INFER_TOKEN (int): semantic infer token. Defaults to 10_051. COARSE_SEMANTIC_PAD_TOKEN (int): coarse semantic pad token. Defaults to 12_048. COARSE_INFER_TOKEN (int): coarse infer token. Defaults to 12_050. REMOTE_BASE_URL ([type]): remote base url. Defaults to "". REMOTE_MODEL_PATHS (Dict): remote model paths. Defaults to None. LOCAL_MODEL_PATHS (Dict): local model paths. Defaults to None. SMALL_REMOTE_MODEL_PATHS (Dict): small remote model paths. Defaults to None. CACHE_DIR (str): local cache directory. Defaults to get_user_data_dir(). DEF_SPEAKER_DIR (str): default speaker directory to stoke speaker values for voice cloning. Defaults to get_user_data_dir(). """ model: str = "bark" audio: BarkAudioConfig = field(default_factory=BarkAudioConfig) num_chars: int = 0 semantic_config: GPTConfig = field(default_factory=GPTConfig) fine_config: FineGPTConfig = field(default_factory=FineGPTConfig) coarse_config: GPTConfig = field(default_factory=GPTConfig) CONTEXT_WINDOW_SIZE: int = 1024 SEMANTIC_RATE_HZ: float = 49.9 SEMANTIC_VOCAB_SIZE: int = 10_000 CODEBOOK_SIZE: int = 1024 N_COARSE_CODEBOOKS: int = 2 N_FINE_CODEBOOKS: int = 8 COARSE_RATE_HZ: int = 75 SAMPLE_RATE: int = 24_000 USE_SMALLER_MODELS: bool = False TEXT_ENCODING_OFFSET: int = 10_048 SEMANTIC_PAD_TOKEN: int = 10_000 TEXT_PAD_TOKEN: int = 129_595 SEMANTIC_INFER_TOKEN: int = 129_599 COARSE_SEMANTIC_PAD_TOKEN: int = 12_048 COARSE_INFER_TOKEN: int = 12_050 REMOTE_BASE_URL = "" REMOTE_MODEL_PATHS: Dict = None LOCAL_MODEL_PATHS: Dict = None SMALL_REMOTE_MODEL_PATHS: Dict = None CACHE_DIR: str = str(get_user_data_dir("tts/suno/bark_v0")) DEF_SPEAKER_DIR: str = str(get_user_data_dir("tts/bark_v0/speakers")) def __post_init__(self): self.REMOTE_MODEL_PATHS = { "text": { "path": os.path.join(self.REMOTE_BASE_URL, ""), "checksum": "54afa89d65e318d4f5f80e8e8799026a", }, "coarse": { "path": os.path.join(self.REMOTE_BASE_URL, ""), "checksum": "8a98094e5e3a255a5c9c0ab7efe8fd28", }, "fine": { "path": os.path.join(self.REMOTE_BASE_URL, ""), "checksum": "59d184ed44e3650774a2f0503a48a97b", }, } self.LOCAL_MODEL_PATHS = { "text": os.path.join(self.CACHE_DIR, ""), "coarse": os.path.join(self.CACHE_DIR, ""), "fine": os.path.join(self.CACHE_DIR, ""), "hubert_tokenizer": os.path.join(self.CACHE_DIR, "tokenizer.pth"), "hubert": os.path.join(self.CACHE_DIR, ""), } self.SMALL_REMOTE_MODEL_PATHS = { "text": {"path": os.path.join(self.REMOTE_BASE_URL, "")}, "coarse": {"path": os.path.join(self.REMOTE_BASE_URL, "")}, "fine": {"path": os.path.join(self.REMOTE_BASE_URL, "")}, } self.sample_rate = self.SAMPLE_RATE # pylint: disable=attribute-defined-outside-init